The Fake Four

“A very talented, energetic, and great group to work with. Our crowds just loved them.”
JAN CAMPBELL, Entertainment Director, the Calgary Stampede

“Many thanks to all of you for an outstanding and entertaining run. You made our jobs so easy.”
LEIGH POLANSKI, Entertainment Director, Casino Magic, Bossier City

“Their group offers a unique brand of entertainment that is difficult to find…and they have proven to be a huge draw for our patrons.”
MICHAEL DEVINE, CEO/President, Stateline Casino Resort

“Sixtiesmania has raised the level of the Castaways... Our guests can't get enough!”
MITCH GRAHAM, Director of Casino Gaming and Marketing, Castaways Casino, Las Vegas

“We have had a longstanding relationship with SIXTIESMANIA now for over 8 years, and every return, they prove themselves as a huge crowd-drawing act for us…”
URS BESMER, Director of Food and Beverage, Hong Kong Hotel

“Due to their broad appeal, SIXTIESMANIA is one of the only shows that doesn’t create a generation gap. The teens, their parents, and their grandparents all love the show.”
DON ADAMS, Entertainment Coordinator, Merritt Mountain Music Festival

“One of Australia’s greatest exports!”
BARRY BRODY, Entertainment Director, Burswood Casino, Perth, Australia

“Without a doubt, one of the most energetic, and audience-friendly shows we have ever had. Also, genuinely nice people to work with…nothing was too much trouble.”
SUE BESSANT, Head of Entertainment, Hard Rock Resort, Bali, Indonesia