The Fake Four

P.A. System requirements

1 x 32 channel front of house mixing desk - Mackie, Soundcraft, or similar quality.
1 x 16-channel foldback monitor desk with 6 separate monitor mixes.
1 x 100-foot minimum multi-core (snake) with stage box and monitor split snake.
Speaker boxes to be minimum double 3 way and with appropriate power amps + cabling.
3 x (15 inch + 2 inch horn) monitor boxes, 1 x (2 x 15 + horn) drum fill box, 2 x side fill monitor boxes with 6 x 31 band graphic equalizers plus all appropriate power amps.
3 x Beta 87 mics, 1 x Beta 87 radio mic, and 8 x Shure 57 mics, 1 x kick drum mic, all stands + goosenecks and 5 DI boxes. - Note: please provide all necessary patch leads and batteries.
Front of house rack to include stereo cross over, stereo 31 band graphics, compressor, CD deck, tape deck, delay unit, Yamaha Rev 5 or 7, SPX 90, quad comp, quad gate, Lexicon or similar reverb unit such as MPX 1 or 100, and all patch & insert leads.
All mic leads, patch leads, spare 9 volt batteries, spare guitar leads and stage power strips & power leads.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting to consist of minimum 40 cans, lighting desk, 4 spots, white back cyc, assorted gels, trussing & trees, fogger or smoke machine and if needed follow spot with operator.

Backline Equipment

2 x guitar amps such as Vox AC30, Fender twins, Peavey Classic or Fender De-ville / Deluxe.
1 x bass amp such as Gallien-Krueger 400 or similar and 2 x 15 inch cabinet or 4 x 10 inch cabinet.
4 piece drum kit consisting of 1x13" rack tom, 1x16" floor tom, 22 inch kick drum, 14 x 6 inch snare drum. All skins on kit to be NEW. Cymbals to consist of 22 inch ride cymbal, 1 x crash cymbal, hi hats and all stands plus good adjustable drum throne (seat). Kit to be either tortoise shell finish or a dark color.
8 x good quality guitar stands or 3 triple stands.
7 foot square by 3 feet high drum riser with drum carpet and steps.

Following is the equipment rider for when PA, lights and backline are to be provided by buyer.